Following are samples of some of the keywords found on my site. Note that the list not only includes common names, locations, and species latin names but often times the French and/or Spanish name for a species! Go ahead, try finding what you need by the search function above or by "clicking" on the terms below.

africa african bush elephant african elephant african leopard african lion african savannah elephant african wild dog afrikanischer elephant afrikanischer wildhund alaska alces american camp anchorage antelope antelope island antelope island state park antlers anza borrego desert state park april ariranha arizona august bald eagle bear bedded bell bighorn sheep bird black bear boar borrego cimarron borrego springs boulder city branta canadensis parvipes brazil brow tines brown bear brown pelican buck bull bull moose calf california california roadrunner canada goose cangucu canid cape wild dog cardenal rojo cariacu caribou carnero de las rocosas chapparal christmas chugach mountains chugach state park churea clark county clitheroe center collared pika coney corixo negro coronado national forest correcaminos correcaminos grande correcaminos mayor cow cub cuiaba river cuyamaca rancho state park cynhyene dall sheep dalton highway danger noodle davis county december deer denali highway denali national park desert desert bighorn sheep desert botanical garden desert sheep doe dry season ducklike birds eagle earthquake park elephant elle ewe falcipennis canadensis fall foliage far north bicentennial park favorite february female fishing florida fool hen fool's hen fort snelling state park fox frio county frio river geococcyx californianus giant otter giant river otter goose grizzly grizzly bear ground squirrel grouse hadami haliaeetus leucocephalus washingtoniensis hatchers pass haul road hawklike birds hemenway park hennepin county heron herp homer horns humpies indlovu ingonyama ingonyama ibhubesi ingwe ivory jaguar jaguar ecological reserve jaguarete january jay july june kinkaid park knp kruger national park la jolla las vegas leeu leopard lion little chief hare lowe lower sabie loxodonta africana luiperd madera canyon male mammal march mato grosso may mc neil river state game sanctuary meeting of the waters state park melbourne minnesota minnesota river mission bay monkey moose muflón canadiense muflón de las montañas national park service ndlopfu nevada nghala n'shumba nonvenomous nope rope north slope northern bald eagle november october odocoileus virginianus oinima ointada oklahoma olifant onca onca pintada oppenheimer ranch otter ovis canadensis nelsoni owls pantanal pantanal matogrossense national park panthera leo melanochaita panthera onca panthera pardus pardus pearsall perching bird perching birds pinima malha larga piquiri river pixuna porto jofre potter's marsh pushmataha county ram rattan red fox renard renard roux reptile rodent rut sabi sands game reserve sabi sands wildtuin san diego san diego county san juan county san juan island san juan island national historic park savannah elephant september sheep snake snow solomon gulch fish hatchery south africa south america southern africa lion spruce grouse squirrel st. johns river summer tengile river lodge tetras du canada texas tigre tom tosohatchee wildlife management area tranquil transpantaneira highway transpantaneira road tsonga tusk upland ground bird ursus americanus valdez velvet venado cola blanca viera wetlands virginia deer vulpes washington whitetail whitetail deer whitetailed deer yaguarete zorro zorro rojo
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